Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner review♥

Today I'm doing a review of Tony Moly's Gel Eyeliner!
I got my eyeliner from She Academy♥
I get most of my Korean Brand Make-up and skin care there. :)
I actually got my eyeliner a few months ago but I was too lazy to make a review. :)) So.. why not do it now? 

So this is what it looks like :)
It comes in a round glass with a very long lid that contains the brush.

This is the brush that is contained in the lid. You can actually make the brush longer by pulling it up. :)  It does a great job in putting the eyeliner. However, the brush is a little thick. Some people actually want a very thin eyeliner for a natural look but this brush wont do the trick. 

I got mine in number 1. (black)

When you open it up, you'll see a white plastic that protects the gel eyeliner.
It just makes it more hygienic. :)

This gel eyeliner is very creamy and very easy to apply! definitely a plus for me! :)

Here is the swatch of the eyeliner. The one on top is slightly lighter than the one on the bottom and that's because I tried smudging it to see if it would come off.. but it didn't! The eyeliner stayed in place, but it did lose its pigmentation a little bit. Still not bad though :)

This is how a did my eyeliner. I just bring my eyeliner down and slightly wing it to create a longer-looking eye.♥

And that's it! hope you all find this helpful.
see you in my next blog.♥

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  1. I really want to tried this eyeliner in khaki, I love how you line your eyes.