Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner review♥

Today I'm doing a review of Tony Moly's Gel Eyeliner!
I got my eyeliner from She Academy♥
I get most of my Korean Brand Make-up and skin care there. :)
I actually got my eyeliner a few months ago but I was too lazy to make a review. :)) So.. why not do it now? 

So this is what it looks like :)
It comes in a round glass with a very long lid that contains the brush.

This is the brush that is contained in the lid. You can actually make the brush longer by pulling it up. :)  It does a great job in putting the eyeliner. However, the brush is a little thick. Some people actually want a very thin eyeliner for a natural look but this brush wont do the trick. 

I got mine in number 1. (black)

When you open it up, you'll see a white plastic that protects the gel eyeliner.
It just makes it more hygienic. :)

This gel eyeliner is very creamy and very easy to apply! definitely a plus for me! :)

Here is the swatch of the eyeliner. The one on top is slightly lighter than the one on the bottom and that's because I tried smudging it to see if it would come off.. but it didn't! The eyeliner stayed in place, but it did lose its pigmentation a little bit. Still not bad though :)

This is how a did my eyeliner. I just bring my eyeliner down and slightly wing it to create a longer-looking eye.♥

And that's it! hope you all find this helpful.
see you in my next blog.♥

Tony Moly Cristal Blusher review ♥

Hello Beautiful ladies♥ ;)
Didn't update my blog for a looong time. sorry :(

So... Today I'm gonna be doing a review of the
Tony Moly Cristal Blush♥ (yes, it is really spelled as cristal)
I got mine from my friend at She Academy♥ 
You guys should check their page out! :)

Let's start the review! shall we? 

So this is how it looks like. It comes in a transparent glass-like case.
very simple and very handy. :)

This color is in number 3.

 It has a very peachy-orangey color which I adore♥

And here is the swatch of the blush.

This blush is perfect for people who wants to have a natural-looking makeup!
The color is quite sheer but you could always add some more :)
It has a very natural glow when applied♥ 

I love love love this blush♥ 
It gives my skin a nice glow. I usually go for a more natural looking makeup during the day and every time I go to school, so I found this blush amazing for my everyday makeup. :)

A 5/5 for me. :)
 That's all.♥

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Holika Holika Aqua petit jelly bb cream review♥

I'm finally gonna be doing a review of Holika Holika's
Aqua petit jelly bb cream!♥
I ordered mine online at: She Academy♥
You guys should check that site out. They sell any Korean make-up. Just pm them about anything you want to ask/order. All their make-up are authentic which means they don't sell fake make-up! I know this because I actually know who owns the page so yeah. you should definitely purchase your 
make-up there!!

So here is the bb cream♥ It comes in a very cute matte glass jar. It contains 40ml of the jelly bb cream. I got the #1 shade since it has yellow undertones, #2 is for people who have pink undertones. This is like my most favorite bb cream ever! This is my go-to bb cream everyday! It has spf 20 which i think is okay for everyday use. :)

It comes with an oblique shaped sponge :)
I don't use the sponge for applying my bb cream.. ANY bb cream. 
Using the sponge would just suck most of your product... but i guess there are techniques in using sponges such as making it wet before using it but still i prefer using the foundation brush. :) 

The lid of the jar has this "spatula" thingy to scoop the product out of the glass jar instead of using your fingers which is very unhygienic. o.o

Here you could see that i have used quite a lot already! :)) 
like i said, this is my go-to bb cream everyday. :)

It was a little dark when i took the first pic. o.o
Well anyways, The coverage of the bb cream is very very light.
It has sheer coverage which is good for having a very natural no make-up look. It has a matte finish which i love♥ Very good for people who has oily-combination skin. :) Don't know your skin type? check out my old blog post:

This bb cream is a little light for me but since it has sheer coverage it would still look natural. The only thing that matters is how much you put on your face and how well you blend the bb cream. :) 

A quick tip in using the bb cream:
I recommend you do one part of your face first instead of dotting pea sized amounts all over your face since this jelly type bb cream dries up fast! you need to blend blend blend it fast! for instance, putting a little on your cheek and blend it in then doing the same on the other parts of your face. Not all at once. Doing this would make you blend your bb cream better before it dries up. :)

♥ Matte finish
♥ Easy to blend
♥ has a light sweet scent

 • Not so travel friendly :/
• light coverage 

So that's it! hope you guys find this helpful :)
follow follow follow! :))

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cover Girl lip perfection lipstick review♥

Today I'm gonna do a review of the Cover girl lip perfection lipstick♥
I received two shades given to me by a friend. :)

The first shade is called burn.

It has a very warm red-copperish color.♥  It has a shiny metallic color. It looks very good on the lips since it makes your lips shiny too!
The lasting power is a 2.5/5 for me. Since it is a very creamy lipstick the color doesn't hold on for too long compared to different type lipsticks.
But the pigmentation is outrageous!! 
here is a swatch of the lipstick:

oh-so pigmented. 
I applied it lightly once and the color is already oh-so pigmented!
The texture is quite nice too. It's very creamy. No gloss required! :)
But if you want to have really shiny lips then it's up to you. 

I like the packaging too♥ It comes in a very shiny dark gray tube.
and i love the fact that they're not that expensive! 

The second one i got is:

Smitten! I've always wanted to try a deep-plum colored lipstick. :)
I always use colors such as pink, fuchsia and light oranges. 
I'm not a big fan of lipstick since my lips are so dry. I don't really go out and buy outrageous colored lipsticks since I don't use it that often. I prefer using lip tint and lip gloss♥

Here is the swatch. It's actually quite darker than i expected. :))
It's still okay since I only put a light amount of lipstick.

Overall review:

Color/Pigmentation - 5/5
Texture- 4/5
Lasting power- 2.5/5

Would definitely repurchase this someday :) The only down side is the staying power. I always tend to lick my lips or smudge it together. lol does that make any sense. o.o  Well anyway, if you don't do that then good for you! :)

I promised last time that I will do a review of the Holika Holika aqua petit jelly bb cream and the tony moly gel eyeliner.. but since I lost my memory card reader a few weeks ago and due to my extreme laziness I wasn't able to buy a memory card reader.. but now i did. yay for me! I will do those reviews in the next days. :) watch out for those.
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Have a nice day everyone :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Do you know your skin type?

I'm not gonna be doing a review today since I lost my memory card reader and I can't transfer the photos i took unto my computer :(
So today I decided to write a blog about skin types.

Do you really know what skin type do you have?
Here are some quick tips to determine your skin type:

1. Use a facial wash for normal skin
2. DO NOT put anything onto your skin after washing your face
3. leave your skin product-free for an hour

If your T-zone, nose, cheek and chin area gets oily then you have
Oily-Combination skin.

If you have to blot your whole face then your skin is oily.

If your face starts to dry up or flake (especially the cheek area),
then you have dry skin.

If some parts of your face starts to itch then you have sensitive skin.

This is just a simple method on how to know your skin type.
Hope this helpful♥ :))

For my following blogs i will be doing a review of the Holika Holika Aqua petit Jelly bb cream, Tony Moly gel eyeliner and a lipstick i got from cover girl. :)
I might do some tutorials too. 
okay, that's all for now. bye~♥

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nivea ideal finish mousse matt foundation review♥

Today I'm gonna be doing a review of Nivea's
 Ideal Finish Mousse Matt Foundation!♥

I've been really wanting to try a mousse foundation for a long long time ago! 
I'm glad one of my friends bought this for me. :)
This foundation is super light and you can easily apply it onto your face!
This light-weight mousse foundation spreads easily and gives you a powder-like matte finish!

So this is how it looks like :)
It comes in a tiny glass container.
(18 ml)

VERY light-weight! It looks like colored whip cream. LOL :))
It's kinda foamy since it is a mousse-type cream, but it gives a very matte finish! :)

Here is the swatch of the product :)

Matte finish!
This product is very good for people who have oily skin. (like me! :D)
This product is not recommended for people with dry skin cause since this foundation is very matte it would dry up your skin even more :/

List of ingredients: 

Over all Rating:
Coverage - light to medium coverage
Color- Doesn't match my skin tone. 
(this was given to me by a friend so yeah..)
Blending Ability- easy to blend
Quality- 4/5
Price- I don;t know the exact price since this was given to me
but i guess this isn't too pricy compared to other
mousse foundations :)
Packaging- very simple, a little travel friendly since it's tiny but
it comes in glass so you have to make sure it wont break! :)

I'm so satisfied with this product. Would i repurchase? yes.
but in a different color to match my skin-tone. :))

BTW, I changed my "logo" since the last one looks so shitty :))

Monday, 9 July 2012

Etude House must have travel item set♥

Today, i'm gonna do a short review of the 
Etude House Must have travel item set♥ 

I really love love love this must have travel item set♥
It's really really travel-friendly since it already has all the essential things you need. I use this every time I have sleepovers with my friends♥ You can easily carry it since the items comes in those cute little sizes. :)

It comes with a Collagen Moistfull first essence, A Precious mineral BB Cream in #2 Sheer Glowing Skin, A Baking Powder pore cleansing foam, A Petit Bijou cotton snow soft body wash and lastly a Petit Bijou cotton snow moisture body lotion. :)

Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam♥
(30 ml)
This cleanser is a 3 in 1 multi-deep cleanser that can thoroughly cleanse your skin and remove all your makeup or sunscreen! 

Moistfull Collagen First Essence♥
(15 ml)
It is a moisturizer that maintains 90% Hydrolyzed Collagen content.
Collagen is used for many well-known wrinkle-fighting treatments! 
This is what you put after cleansing and toning your face. :)

Precious Mineral BB Cream All day strong, Sheer Glowing Skin #2♥
(8 g)
This long-wearing, mineral oil free BB Cream adds up to your natural glow to your skin with pearl extracts.
So this is what you put onto your face after cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face. This protects your face from the sun since it has SPF30/PA++!

Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Soft Body wash♥
(30 ml)
This body wash gently cleanses delicate baby skin.
I really love this body wash♥ It has a very very sweet powder-like smell!♥

Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Moisture Body Lotion♥
(30 ml)
This body lotion moisturizes delicate baby skin with watery smooth texture.
The texture is very very watery compared to other lotions but this lotion has this very sweet powder-like scent to it too!♥

I got my Travel set for free with this Dress Room Lovely Look Body Set!♥♥♥

Dress Room Lovely Look Body Wash ------- 300 ml
Dress Room lovely Look Body Lotion ------- 300 ml
Both comes with 30 ml travel sizes! :)
This product has a veeeeery sweet flower scent to it.♥
It comes with two colors.. pink and purple. :)