Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Do you know your skin type?

I'm not gonna be doing a review today since I lost my memory card reader and I can't transfer the photos i took unto my computer :(
So today I decided to write a blog about skin types.

Do you really know what skin type do you have?
Here are some quick tips to determine your skin type:

1. Use a facial wash for normal skin
2. DO NOT put anything onto your skin after washing your face
3. leave your skin product-free for an hour

If your T-zone, nose, cheek and chin area gets oily then you have
Oily-Combination skin.

If you have to blot your whole face then your skin is oily.

If your face starts to dry up or flake (especially the cheek area),
then you have dry skin.

If some parts of your face starts to itch then you have sensitive skin.

This is just a simple method on how to know your skin type.
Hope this helpful♥ :))

For my following blogs i will be doing a review of the Holika Holika Aqua petit Jelly bb cream, Tony Moly gel eyeliner and a lipstick i got from cover girl. :)
I might do some tutorials too. 
okay, that's all for now. bye~♥

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