Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nivea ideal finish mousse matt foundation review♥

Today I'm gonna be doing a review of Nivea's
 Ideal Finish Mousse Matt Foundation!♥

I've been really wanting to try a mousse foundation for a long long time ago! 
I'm glad one of my friends bought this for me. :)
This foundation is super light and you can easily apply it onto your face!
This light-weight mousse foundation spreads easily and gives you a powder-like matte finish!

So this is how it looks like :)
It comes in a tiny glass container.
(18 ml)

VERY light-weight! It looks like colored whip cream. LOL :))
It's kinda foamy since it is a mousse-type cream, but it gives a very matte finish! :)

Here is the swatch of the product :)

Matte finish!
This product is very good for people who have oily skin. (like me! :D)
This product is not recommended for people with dry skin cause since this foundation is very matte it would dry up your skin even more :/

List of ingredients: 

Over all Rating:
Coverage - light to medium coverage
Color- Doesn't match my skin tone. 
(this was given to me by a friend so yeah..)
Blending Ability- easy to blend
Quality- 4/5
Price- I don;t know the exact price since this was given to me
but i guess this isn't too pricy compared to other
mousse foundations :)
Packaging- very simple, a little travel friendly since it's tiny but
it comes in glass so you have to make sure it wont break! :)

I'm so satisfied with this product. Would i repurchase? yes.
but in a different color to match my skin-tone. :))

BTW, I changed my "logo" since the last one looks so shitty :))

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