Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tony Moly Cristal Blusher review ♥

Hello Beautiful ladies♥ ;)
Didn't update my blog for a looong time. sorry :(

So... Today I'm gonna be doing a review of the
Tony Moly Cristal Blush♥ (yes, it is really spelled as cristal)
I got mine from my friend at She Academy♥ 
You guys should check their page out! :)

Let's start the review! shall we? 

So this is how it looks like. It comes in a transparent glass-like case.
very simple and very handy. :)

This color is in number 3.

 It has a very peachy-orangey color which I adore♥

And here is the swatch of the blush.

This blush is perfect for people who wants to have a natural-looking makeup!
The color is quite sheer but you could always add some more :)
It has a very natural glow when applied♥ 

I love love love this blush♥ 
It gives my skin a nice glow. I usually go for a more natural looking makeup during the day and every time I go to school, so I found this blush amazing for my everyday makeup. :)

A 5/5 for me. :)
 That's all.♥

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