Saturday, 11 August 2012

Holika Holika Aqua petit jelly bb cream review♥

I'm finally gonna be doing a review of Holika Holika's
Aqua petit jelly bb cream!♥
I ordered mine online at: She Academy♥
You guys should check that site out. They sell any Korean make-up. Just pm them about anything you want to ask/order. All their make-up are authentic which means they don't sell fake make-up! I know this because I actually know who owns the page so yeah. you should definitely purchase your 
make-up there!!

So here is the bb cream♥ It comes in a very cute matte glass jar. It contains 40ml of the jelly bb cream. I got the #1 shade since it has yellow undertones, #2 is for people who have pink undertones. This is like my most favorite bb cream ever! This is my go-to bb cream everyday! It has spf 20 which i think is okay for everyday use. :)

It comes with an oblique shaped sponge :)
I don't use the sponge for applying my bb cream.. ANY bb cream. 
Using the sponge would just suck most of your product... but i guess there are techniques in using sponges such as making it wet before using it but still i prefer using the foundation brush. :) 

The lid of the jar has this "spatula" thingy to scoop the product out of the glass jar instead of using your fingers which is very unhygienic. o.o

Here you could see that i have used quite a lot already! :)) 
like i said, this is my go-to bb cream everyday. :)

It was a little dark when i took the first pic. o.o
Well anyways, The coverage of the bb cream is very very light.
It has sheer coverage which is good for having a very natural no make-up look. It has a matte finish which i love♥ Very good for people who has oily-combination skin. :) Don't know your skin type? check out my old blog post:

This bb cream is a little light for me but since it has sheer coverage it would still look natural. The only thing that matters is how much you put on your face and how well you blend the bb cream. :) 

A quick tip in using the bb cream:
I recommend you do one part of your face first instead of dotting pea sized amounts all over your face since this jelly type bb cream dries up fast! you need to blend blend blend it fast! for instance, putting a little on your cheek and blend it in then doing the same on the other parts of your face. Not all at once. Doing this would make you blend your bb cream better before it dries up. :)

♥ Matte finish
♥ Easy to blend
♥ has a light sweet scent

 • Not so travel friendly :/
• light coverage 

So that's it! hope you guys find this helpful :)
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